Allison Stephen
Content Coordinator/Special Events Manager

I am passionate about marketing.

Allison Stephen

Allison joined Boe Creative in January of 2017 as a content manager, looking over the written word.

Long ago in a land far away, she graduated Suma Cum Laude with a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Houston. Allison then went on to work at Houston Health & Fitness Sports Magazine for four years, first as a columns and features writer, then as an editor. Her first feature at the publication was an interview with Johnny G—the creator and Guru of Spinning. In addition to a great story, Allison made a friend and scored a mentor and was forever known to Johnny as “the journalist from Houston.”

After leaving the magazine, Allison worked as a free-lance writer while collecting athletic certifications to do what she loves. She holds certifications from Madd Dog Athletics (Spinning), Peak Pilates, The National Academy of Sports Medicine (personal training) and the International Dance Exercise Association (group exercise).  

While writing and training kept her busy, Allison is always up for challenge and adventure. Over coffee with a friend, she hatched the idea for an MS 150 team that eventually became the most successful non-corporate fundraising team in The National MS Society’s history, raising more than a million dollars for MS.

Allison completed the ride six times before being recruited by the National MS Society to be the Director of Teams and then the Director of Corporate Development.

Allison met her husband and left the MS Society to start a family. She has two totally awesome children—Jack, 8, the ninja warrior, and Serenity, 5, the roller derby princess. They attend a University Model School where they are on campus two days a week, and doing school at home with mommy at the helm the remaining three.

Again, always up for a challenge and after completing five marathons, Allison, saw her cousin complete Ironman, and promptly decided that was her next goal. She taught herself how to swim and built on her constant love of cycling to compete in her first triathlon in 2014. She took that and ran, literally, to complete her first Ironman in 2016, her second Ironman in 2017 and will take on her third and fourth Ironman finishes in the fall and spring of 2017.

In addition to Rock Star Mommy, Wife, Ironman, Dog Whisperer and Writer, she also manages the family circus—husband, two kids, two dogs—Moe (lazy Basset Hound) and Lilly (towel-eating-running partner Doberman), a Rabbit, Willie, and a really grumpy bearded dragon named Hudson (her son’s K graduation gift that he will no longer touch since he bit Allison).

In addition to managing content at Boe Creative, Allison is also serving as Development Director/Race Director and Chairperson of fun for Boe’s fall events—the Zombie Stomp and the Reindeer Run.