The companies we serve

"Mischer Development retained Boe Creative in 2009, originally. Cheryl and her team were doing 'turn key' projects and some various ad jobs on our land developments, Cypress Creek Lakes and RiverPark West. Within a few months, it was clear to me that Cheryl's professionalism and attention to detail was what Mischer needed to bring our residential developments to the forefront in the eyes of consumers and the Realtors who serve our communities.

Thus, Cheryl and her team have become our full service agency. Boe Creative has created our annual marketing plans for the developments and more importantly assisted us in all aspects of the implementation of each development's plan. Cheryl's vast experience in builder/land development has only improved our developments visibility in the eyes of consumers and Realtors. Through creating each land development's marketing plan, Boe has put into place the tools needed to make each development a success: revamping our print ads, our websites, and especially our online presence (website, Internet and social media programs).

Boe Creative is essentially a 'one stop' agency. The success that we have had over the past several years in our development's on-site Realtor and consumer events has been refreshing... Boe has also assisted Mischer with our corporate imaging and our commercial developments: Mischer Investments, Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza Medical Plaza. Cheryl's experience was also key to the design of our new Welcome Center in Cypress Creek Lakes. Lastly, Cheryl's attention to detail and knowing how to navigate through the desires of a 70 year old "family" company (that is typically very private) and how to balance publicly acknowledging the family's philanthropic activities with the wishes of the Mischer family. As anyone can see, I have the highest praise for Boe Creative! I am thankful for Cheryl and her amazing team... they definitely have the best tag line... 'Ideas that Sell' .... it simply says it all..."

Randy Corson
Vice President, Residential Development, Mischer Investments