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Chairman's Message
Peter C. Houghton, Howard Hughes Corporation, Bridgeland

West Houston AssociationThe future of the West Houston Association has been dramatically improved in 2015 with the hiring of Auggie Campbell in November as our new President & CEO and the promotion of Lindsey Woodard to Vice President. Auggie and Lindsey are generating new energy and ideas to the WHA that will sustain it for the next several years including better communication with our membership, stronger support for our committees, more relevant Issues Forums, and a continued focus on major infrastructure issues in West Houston. They are also focusing on expanding our membership and providing leadership forums for our young leaders.

Meanwhile, John Moody will be stepping into the Chairman’s role in 2016, and I am very confident that his leadership and experience will be invaluable to the Association. Please read our newsletters, get involved with a committee, or come to one of our Issues Forums, the annual golf tournament, or sporting clays shoot. Together, we can continue to raise the bar in West Houston and provide valuable input into critical infrastructure and quality growth issues. See you in 2016!
President's Message
Auggie Campbell, President, West Houston Association

West Houston AssociationHappy holidays to all of our WHA members and friends. Before I came to the West Houston Association on November 2nd, several people told me that WHA has outstanding members. Over the past eight weeks, I have discovered that they were absolutely right. WHA’s members combine the best leaders, thinkers, and doers in our region. That helps explains why this area is growing faster and more intelligently than anywhere else in the United States.

I have learned so much from listening to our members, and I look forward to meeting with each of you and learning more. If you would like to schedule a time to meet with me, I would be very happy to come by your office or grab coffee somewhere. And you are always welcome at the WHA Office. Thanks to recent renovations and help from MetroNational, we have an excellent meeting space with a nice view of Memorial City.

During this time of uncertainty, we have an opportunity and a need to plan for our area’s future. This group can bring our expanding community closer together and improve the quality of life and the business environment in the 1,000 square miles that WHA represents like no other group can. Read more

New WHA Members

Please join us in welcoming the WHA's newest members:
FirstService Residential
Photoscope Lightwave
TNG Utility Corporation
Member Profile Q&A
Mark Kilkenny, Executive Vice President of Development and Government Affairs, Mischer Investments

West Houston AssociationMark Kilkenny is Executive Vice President of Development and Government Affairs at Mischer Investments, Chair of the City of Houston Planning Commission, Chair of the Texas Alliance for Responsible Growth, Environment, and Transportation (TARGET), President of the Utility District Advisory Corporation (UDAC), and past-Chair of the West Houston Association. He currently serves on WHA’s Executive Committee.

Q: You recently re-incorporated TARGET, which fought for fair air quality rules almost a decade ago. What can you tell us about TARGET’s latest efforts?
A: The entire gulf coast region of Texas is faced with changes in rules related to the Clean Water Act. The current administration in Washington is enacting new rules that could severely limit our ability to continue to grow and provide quality communities for the area. The proposed rules are not based on good science and are purposefully written to be vague and arbitrary. TARGETs members, which includes West Houston, have filed suit in federal court against the EPA and the US Army Corps of Engineers to specifically focus on a Texas specific portion of the rules dealing with coastal prairie wetlands. The rule as written is totally unpredictable, something we cannot have if we’re to provide affordable product for the consumer.

Q: Given that you started at Mischer in 1980, a few years before Houston’s Oil Bust, what advice do you have for young professionals on how to handle the uncertainty in the market?
Read more

Recent Events

WHA 22nd Annual Golf Tournament
West Houston Association
The West Houston Association hosted our 22nd Annual Golf Tournament on October 5th at Meadowbrook Golf Club in Katy. A big thank you to the thirty-four sponsor companies who came out and participated along with numerous volunteers that made the day a huge success from start to finish! Fort Bend County Judge Bob Hebert and Waller County Judge Trey Duhon were honorary co-hosts and helped facilitate the evening awards ceremony and dinner. Waller County Commissioner Justin Beckendorff generously conducted the live auction portion of the evening. CenterPoint energy took the first place team title and were followed up by Dannenbaum Engineering Corp., but everyone had a great time win or lose. Mark your calendar now for the 23rd Annual WHA Golf Tournament on Monday, October 3, 2016. More details to come in 2016.

Photos from the 2015 golf tournament are available here!
Dan Patrick Takes WHA’s Issues Forum Stage
West Houston Association
Lt. Governor Dan Patrick spoke to many familiar faces at the West Houston Association’s State Issues Forum on October 21, 2015. The “Light Governor” delivered a speech packed with anecdotes and information about the 84th Legislative Session and the need to provide opportunity to all Texans. Read more
13th Annual Tri-County Region Issues Forum
West Houston Association
County Judges Ed Emmett, Bob Hebert, and Trey Duhon joked that they would solve the Astrodome problem at the WHA’s 13th Annual Tri-County Judges Forum on December 14, 2015. This year’s forum had a new panel format moderated by new President & CEO Auggie Campbell. The new format did not allow the judges to solve the problems with the Astrodome or get to questions from the audience, but did illustrate the differences between the counties by presenting the judges with the same questions. Read more
WHA’s Annual Holiday Reception
West Houston AssociationThe West Houston Association honored its outgoing Chairman, Peter Houghton, at its annual holiday party on December 17th at the Westin Memorial City. Houghton is Vice President of the Howard Hughes Corporation—Bridgeland and has served as Chairman of the West Houston Association since January 2013. Former WHA Chair David Hightower, Wolff Companies, presented Houghton with a gavel and plaque and noted the changes and progress Houghton brought to WHA, such as the Quality Planned Development Program.
Member News

Don Lee Fitch, May 17, 1930 - September 23, 2015
West Houston AssociationAs you may already know, Don Fitch, a valued longtime WHA member and former WHA Board of Directors member passed away earlier this year. Don was a great friend to the WHA for many years, and his presence will be truly missed.

Don was a loving husband to his wife Joyce for 61 years, a proud father of 2 sons, a grandfather of 5 and a great-grandfather of 2.

Don was born in Omaha, Nebraska, on May 17, 1930, during the Great Depression. He often spoke of the hard times he witnessed as a small child, and the effect it had on him for the rest of his life. Despite this, Don was a happy, whimsical boy, traits he would carry with him for the rest of his life. Read more
Richard D. Phillips, University of Houston
WHA Board Member and semi-retired Associate Provost Dick Phillips was honored at the University of Houston Fort Bend Legislator’s Reception on November 30th. U of H President Renu Khatur, State Senator Lois Kolkhorst, and a number of state representatives praised Phillips for his successful efforts to establish a U of H Katy Campus. Phillips will continue to work part time on efforts at U of H to build the campus and coordinating with the surrounding community.
Committee Updates
Quality Planned Development
Chairman Peter Houghton, Howard Hughes Corp. - Bridgeland
This fall, Peter Houghton and Lindsey Woodard of WHA and Pam Puckett and Paula Lenz of the North Houston Association (NHA) arranged to expand the Quality Planned Development (QPD) Program. Starting in January 2016, developments in the NHA area will be encouraged to apply for and able to receive QPD certification. Read more
Flood Control Drainage and Wetlands
Chairman Lee Lennard, Brown & Gay Engineers, Inc.
For over a year, WHA has been very active in the development of the Supplemental Guidelines and Criteria for Developing in the Addicks/Barker Watersheds and the Upper Cypress Creek Watershed Upstream of U.S. 290. HCFCD Staff has incorporated suggestions or addressed concerns raised by WHA, but further collaboration is needed to resolve the few remaining issues. Read more
Regional Mobility
Chairman Mark Kilkenny, Mischer Investments, L.P.
The Regional Mobility will meet quarterly in 2016 with the first meeting scheduled for January 11th. On November 17th, Kerry Gilbert of Brown and Gay Engineers showed the WHA Executive Committee a preliminary version of the Major Thoroughfare Plan Update that he is assembling for Commissioner Radack. On December 2nd, HGAC released the Greater West Houston Mobility Plan. Read more
Sustainable Infrastructure
Chairman Jim Russ, EHRA Engineering
The Sustainable Infrastructure Committee wrapped up 2015 with a solid close. The Committee of 6 – 8 dedicated members met regularly each month this past year with the commitment to further enlighten and educate the members of the WHA about Sustainable Infrastructure and sustainability in general. Read more
Water Resources
Chairman Jack Miller, R.G. Miller Engineers, Inc.
In 2015 the Water Resources Committee hosted a Technical Issues Forum featuring Mitch Walker, founder and President of Masuen Consulting, LLC. Masuen Consulting LLC is a twenty year old outdoor water management and sustainability consulting firm. Walker has thirty years of experience in the urban, golf and agricultural water management worlds. Read more
WHA on Social Media

The West Houston Association is working to increase our presence on social media via Facebook and Twitter. Please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up with the endeavors, events, committees and current issues of the West Houston Association.
2016 Planned WHA Events
Look for more details in 2016 as these event dates and times are confirmed.

February 4
6-8 pm

  Grow West Mixer
Tasting Room, City Centre

Late March
12-2 pm


City Issues Forum
Westin Memorial City


April 18
1-6 pm

  WHA Sporting Clays Tournament
American Shooting Centers

April 27
9-11 am

  Grow West Breakfast
Marriot Westchase

May 16
12-2 pm

  Harris County Forum
Marriot Westchase

August 11
6-9 pm

  WHA Bowling Tournament
Bowl & Barrel City Centre

Week of
September 12
5-7 pm

  West Houston Delegation Reception
Westin Memorial City

Week of
September 12
7-9 pm

  State Issues Forum
Westin Memorial City

October 3
12-6 pm

  WHA Golf Tournament
Meadowbrook Farms Golf Club

October 13
5-7 pm

  Grow West Mixer
Pour Society Memorial City

November 17
12-2 pm

  Tri-County Forum
Marriot Westchase

December 6
9-11 am

  Grow West Breakfast
Marriot Westchase

December 15
6-9 am

  Holiday Reception
Marriot Westchase
*Dates and venues are subject to revision based on scheduling and contract considerations.
2016 Confirmed Upcoming Meetings & Events

January 11
12 pm

  Regional Mobility Committee Meeting
Greenway Plaza West Conference Center
Eight Greenway Plaza, Houston, TX 77046

January 12
7:30 am

  Sustainable Infrastructure Committee Meeting
EHRA Engineering Offices
10555 Westoffice Drive, Houston, TX 77042

January 21
12 pm

  Quality Planned Development Committee Meeting
West Houston Association Offices
820 Gessner, Suite 1310, Houston, TX 77024
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